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Digitalization of HR processes

Project duration: 3 years, 4 months

Brief description

The digitalization of HR processes is supported on an SAP basis. As part of the introduction of cloud-based solutions for HR administration and the management of employee documents, add-ons must be installed in an SAP HR landscape, customizing activities must be taken over and processes for data exchange must be defined. In addition, the coordination of the participants from the technical side, the clarification of technical requirements, the provision of shell scripts as well as the preparation and execution of technical tests must be taken over.


For the management portal of employee documents (PeopleDoc), an ABAP report extracts employee and organizational master data into one to n files each. A Linux shell script merges the files, eliminates duplicates, sorts the data, and encrypts it. Job control and data transfer are performed using the ControlM system. Another Linux shell script evaluates the provided processing logs, triggering messages as needed. Data collected via Workday (web-based personnel administration) is transferred to the SAP back end using an SAP PO system. Integration of the data is handled by an add-on from SHAPEiN.

Subject description

As part of the digitization of HR processes, employees are provided with a portal through which they can provide documents to their employer via an Internet application or retrieve documents provided by the employer. A prerequisite for access to the portal and the provision of documents is the creation of employee master data. This is done via an interface that updates the data daily. All previously existing documents of an employee are successively integrated into the portal. In addition, remuneration statements are converted from printed documents to a digital format. Furthermore, employees and HR administrators will be able to edit and retrieve data for HR administration via another Internet application. The central data source and processes remain in the back-end system, an SAP HR on-premise solution.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.01.2020 - 30.04.2023

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