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Economic planning tool

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

The project comprises designing and developing a software application for supporting economic planning in the area of data processing and organization. The software application enables expense and capacity planning across teams for all pending projects within this area.


The software application is based on PTA's standard Access framework. The evaluations are output as a printable Access report or as an Excel file.

Subject description

Use of the developed software application improves project controlling, because all team leaders can accurately plan the required resources for pending investment, maintenance, and training measures. For this purpose, both the planned costs and the expected necessary employee capacities per measure and employee are recorded. One or more measures are combined to form a project. The projects are assigned to a cost center and to a responsible team. Because the data are centrally managed, the planned resources can be easily and thoroughly evaluated by the Controlling Department.


Project period07.04.2008 - 13.06.2008

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