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ETF Investment Showcase in Appian

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

The processing of ETF investments is still not very digitalized, for example it requires filling out documents which are then printed out, signed and submitted for approval. To reduce paperwork and carry out fewer postal transactions, the entire process can be automated. In this showcase, this was done using the web-based low-code platform 'Appian'. Low-code allows enterprise applications to be created, modified and executed much more quickly.


The Appian low-code platform is a web-based application. Appian is delivered via SaaS, self-hosted or hybrid. The Appian Community Edition was used for the showcase. The digital process for investing in ETFs involves several steps: customers register online and undergo authentication using digital identification procedures. Customers select the ETFs they want from a provided list. The investment is made by entering the investment amount and confirming the transaction. The bank carries out the transaction electronically. Customers manage their ETF investments via an online portal, view current valuations and generate reports. The entire process is secured by digital security protocols and compliance policies to ensure the protection of customer data and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Subject description

The process was built in Appian Workflow Designer using traditional BPMN elements (Script Task, User Input Task, Events and Gateways) and Smart Services. Each Smart Service works like a mini-app that can add sophisticated functionality to a process without writing code. In the showcase, 'Send E-Mail' was used to send an automatic email to the responsibles; 'Text Doc From Template' was used to generate a file in a preconfigured format and 'Write Records' was used to store data in the internal database. User interfaces were created using drag-and-drop components, business rules and constants. Thanks to the built-in version control system, it is possible to revert to the previous version if necessary. Bank employees are organized into groups and each group has its own functions and access rights. For each group (employee, supervisor) there is a site with different pages. The site can be accessed via a URL.


Project period01.02.2024 - 30.04.2024

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