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Evaluating marketing campaigns

Project duration: 9 months

Brief description

Implementation of an application for offline entry of contact data at trade fairs or a customer's site. A portable computer is used here. An Excel template is used for the entry so that the information can be entered outside the intranet. The recorded data is stored locally and transferred to the customer contact system in the intranet.


Various different technologies are used to implement the overall process. Data is entered offline with the help of an MS Excel template. The data is stored as an XML file. A Java application is used for the first step of making the data available throughout the company by transferring the data to the customer contact system. In the next step, the data is validated against the inventory system. The process is completed when the data is imported to the inventory system.

Subject description

Up-to-date information, such as the names of contact persons or address data, for existing or potential customers is essential for sales and distribution. As customer meetings frequently take place at locations where there is no access to the electronic data storage system (e.g. at trade fairs, customer visits) and standardized and verifiable data entry is not possible, there is a need for a mobile tool. This sales-supporting software has to be as simply designed and usable as possible and the data transfer to the inventory systems must involve little effort.


Project period03.02.2004 - 23.10.2004

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