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Evaluation software

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

The project includes designing and developing a tool for evaluating the results of test measurements of controllers for electric generators. The measurement results are available as text files that are made available by an Oracle-based tool for controlling the test runs. The results of the evaluation are displayed in MS Excel in graphs and tables.


The tool is developed on the basis of MS Excel. Users can import measurement results and evaluate the imported data in graphs and tables by executing appropriate macros. The user can configure the layout of the graphs by simply adjusting graphic templates provided specifically for that purpose. The tool is available as an Excel add-in. After the add-in is integrated in MS Excel, the tool can be started from the toolbar. A new Excel file is created with all the necessary functions each time the tool is started.

Subject description

A test run consists of an input measurement, an output measurement and n intermediate measurements. Various different parameters are measured in each measurement. Between measurements, the components being examined are subjected to various stresses, depending on the test run, e.g. passive temperature fluctuation. After each measurement, the results are checked. If necessary, individual components might then have to be withdrawn early. After a test run is complete, the results of the individual measurements are evaluated. Apart from the absolute measurement results, any changes in the results from measurement to measurement are of particular interest. Furthermore, the spread of the results within a single measurement for different measured components is also important.


Project period19.05.2008 - 20.06.2008

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