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Events simulation in laboratory middleware

Brief description

During routine operation of a laboratory middleware, a large number of events (software events) are generated, which are transmitted to Monitoring System in order to monitor the smooth running of the automated laboratory processes. To enable the Monitoring System's test and debug events to be filtered or played back at a higher frequency, a simulation tool is being developed that can provide the events independently of the laboratory middleware.


The event simulation tool is implemented as a web application with Angular frontend and .NET backend. The event stream is available as a JSON file. The modified event streams are also stored as JSON and made available to the laboratory monitoring software via REST interfaces.

Subject description

Laboratory monitoring software can clearly display the status of the processes running in the automated medical laboratory. This makes it possible to see at a glance whether all laboratory equipment is running optimally, whether samples are being processed as intended, or whether any malfunctions are occurring. The basis for monitoring are events that continuously occur in the laboratory middleware that controls the processes, for example, when samples arrive in the laboratory, are transported to a device, or tests are requested or performed on a device. In order to test the lab monitoring software, this stream of events (event stream) must be generated and read directly, which is complex and costly. To simplify this, a tool is needed that allows events of different categories to be filtered from the event stream for functional testing and played back at different times or frequencies. This drastically reduces the test time.

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