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Expert support for incoming document entry system

Brief description

The incoming document entry system mainly processes electronic documents and a small number of paper invoices and any associated delivery notes for electricity deliveries automatically and carries out plausibility checks on the delivery notes and invoice content by comparing them with master and metering data from neighbouring systems. The documents are posted in SAP systems.


The further development of the incoming document entry system poses current technical and functional challenges. The technical requirements are implemented in consultation with the specialist department and the key users via database (SQL) or code changes (.Net C#) to the application. The expansion of the Edifact processes by the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry in Germany or edi-energy in Austria as well as changes to the law in energy trading require continuous further development of the application. In the billing and payment system for energy bills for electricity and gas supplies, adjustments to VAT and levies mean that adjustments have to be made on an ongoing basis.

Subject description

The project requires the following adjustments in particular: Development and implementation of solutions in the area of delivery note and invoice processing, conceptualisation and programming of decision tree diagrams for grid usage, metering point operation and other invoices as well as billing of the switching processes in metering. The conversion of data storage to improve performance and server migration to international database servers are among the technical tasks. The changes to the energy transition legislation resulted in adjustments to the recording of statutory levies and taxes. Training internal employees and documenting the changes are also part of the remit.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.01.2023

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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