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Extension of a planning system for power plant decommissioning

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

An existing intranet application for planning the dismantling of a power plant is extended by various technical optimisations to support the user. Additional automated assignments of standard dismantling measures relieve the processor of routine decisions and therefore significantly accelerate dismantling planning. In addition, further developments are made to signal data deviations from the source system Mesa4Pc in the area of the user interface as well as optimisations of report displays and export functionalities.


The application is developed as an intranet application based on ASP MVC5 and seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing individual system environment. Thus, predefined central authentication and authorisation instances are used as well as a central logging of application activities. In addition, complex database functionalities for the comparison of the data stock with the upstream system Mesa4PC as well as the targeted extraction of relevant information views are maintained and further developed. The work carried out includes all activities of the conception and developmental implementation of the application up to the handover into future operation.

Subject description

The benefit of the enhancements for the customer lies in an expected simplification and cost savings in the planning of dismantling measures. Additional automatisms relieve application users of standard tasks.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.10.2021 - 31.12.2021

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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