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Further development and maintenance of a custody account management in the private client business

Brief description

The project includes the maintenance and further development of EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) routes for data transfer to and from the bank's central securities account management system. Further components of the project include the creation of intranet pages and online services for data maintenance in securities account management.


The central element of the depot management is a host-based system with central data storage in DB2. The system is mainly supplied with data via EAI routes. Based on an implementation of the JBI specification (Apache service mix), data is received, transformed and, if necessary, enriched before it is stored in the target database. The data transfer is mainly triggered by trigger events or time-controlled and takes place without user interaction (dark processing). In addition, a number of online services are available that allow data to be transferred to and retrieved from the portfolio management system. These online services are used by the bank's internal web front-end for manual data maintenance and are used by external systems, such as the bank's sales partners, to communicate with the custody account system.

Subject description

The custodian system is used to handle the tasks involved in fund-based asset management for private clients. This includes, for example, opening a securities account, accepting orders or drawing up savings or payout plans.

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