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Further development and validation of a test database

Project duration: 1 year

Brief description

The validated test database system is used to map project- and process-oriented general (not merely software) test cases and test sequences, to manage the results of these tests and to create the associated reports on the test progress.


The system is used in various international locations. Two of these locations have each structured a stand-alone system (in-house central system/back end; not validated).The system was developed in 2001 (see project ID 1275) and has since passed through various further development cycles. In 2005, the system was validated according to FDA guidelines. The user front end and the separate reporting tool are structured on the basis of MS Access 2002, which is based on the central SQL server 2000 database (back end). One particular feature of this system is the option of mapping sequences of test steps and to manage them in versions. The tool is designed for multiple languages and is used by the group around the world. The introduction of an electronic signature function and options for uploading attachments are currently under discussion.

Subject description

This tool is used in projects of all sizes for quality assurance and test management. It enables the convenient and structured mapping of comprehensive tests and monitoring of tests by the project manager. The structure supports a large degree of reusability for existing test definitions.


Project period01.01.2005 - 31.12.2005

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