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Further development of a contract writing software NonFood

Brief description

An existing contract writing system for non-food articles is being further developed and modernised in an agile process. The processes for creating supplier order confirmations, contracts and country order confirmations are being dynamised, optimised and expanded. There is a coordinated implementation in the VBA area including extensive developer and function tests.


In intensive cooperation with the client, technical requirements set by the customer are analysed, realised, tested and documented in an agile process. In addition, current new requirements as well as troubleshooting are integrated. Modernisation such as the conversion to SQL server, the replacement of sources with .Net, XML is carried out in parallel. The contract software includes master data administration and text module administration in Excel dialogues with import and export interfaces, the storage of data in an Access database and the creation of contract documents. Complex VBA macros control the creation and distribution of supplier order confirmations, contracts, country order confirmations and quality feature documents. A targeted Word-form control with Word macros supports the supplier's user input. An additional .Net monitoring tool assists in supporting the application.

Subject description

The contract writing system supports purchasing in the non-food sector in the creation of contracts with suppliers. A distinction is made between free-house contracts and contracts via intermediaries. Supplier order confirmations are generated in the system and distributed to the suppliers. The documents filled out by suppliers are read in, evaluated with purchase prices and filed and form the basis for the creation of contracts. An additional integrated process is used to distribute completed supplier order confirmations and their attachments to various target directories for the company divisions concerned based on defined rules. Furthermore, quality characteristics documents are created from the order confirmations and attachments.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.06.2021

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