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Further development of a warehouse management system for automatic processes

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

As part of the overall project, the customer is setting up and commissioning new warehouse locations throughout Germany. In the individual article assortments, these have differentiated degrees of automation of the warehouse management. For this purpose, various automation service providers will be integrated into the customer's existing system landscape. For the integration, the customer's inventory systems, in particular the decentralized warehouse management system, will be further developed in an agile manner and connected to the IT systems of the various automated service providers via a communicator developed in-house by the customer. The project follows the Scrum process model and PTA GmbH supports the customer in the creation, management and execution of the software tests.


User stories are created and developed by the external service provider to connect the warehouse management system to the automated service providers and to adapt the processes. The developed user stories are presented in the sprint review and then handed over to the customer for testing. After handover, the quality of the further development is tested via the system and system integration test stages, in particular with the newly developed middleware. After successful testing of the customer's internal systems, a system integration test is performed based on the business processes with a connected automated service provider. The associated manual test cases including regression tests are derived from the user stories and business processes. SpiraTest is used for test planning, execution and documentation.

Subject description

The product team supports applications that are used for the operational control of the warehouse. This includes in particular the corresponding functions in the warehouse management system for processes such as goods receipt, returns, goods issue including picking, and inventory management. In addition, the connection of the WMS to automatic service providers is ensured via a new middleware. PTA GmbH supports the customer in the test case creation as well as the execution of the system and customer integration tests. Further tasks include the review of user stories and the creation of acceptance criteria in joint sprint definitions as well as the fulfillment of these in the sprint reviews.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.01.2022 - 14.08.2022

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