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Further development of campaign planning

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

In an internationally-operating retail company, new specific functions are added to the central application for planning, controlling and subsequent review of promotions. New specific functions for improved business process support are to be implemented here, and the necessary changes made to existing functions especially for mass data changes.


The application to be extended has a strategic importance to the customer and exchanges data with external systems of the company's, via different interfaces. The application is a piece of individual software that is coordinated to company-specific business processes. In addition to business analysis and the requirements specification derived from this analysis for the new functions, the project also includes implementation, test management and carrying out the tests. The project is accompanied by active quality assurance.

Subject description

The application supports the department in all phases of the sales promotion. In particular, functions for campaign planning, sales promotion planning, sales promotion controlling, and subsequent analysis of completed sales campaigns are made available. This includes the provision of various reports for the department and the company management.

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Marcus Rödiger

Retail sector manager

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