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Further development of central ordering and logistics application

Project duration: 1 year, 3 months

Brief description

In an existing logistics and ordering application of an internationally operating food retailer, new interfaces are to be introduced for mapping promotional goods as well as goods to be transported in addition to the orders. Furthermore, the display of orders is to be provided with a preview function.


The existing logistics application is a .NET C# client application with a primary Winforms frontend and, in the case of newer components, WPF and an Oracle 19c DB in the backend, which is connected to various systems via various interfaces (including web services, DB links and Oracle Advanced Queuing). The PTA project team is responsible for analyzing requirements, creating user stories, implementing these requirements in C#, WPF and PL/SQL and carrying out upstream tests. In addition, it oversees the roll-out process of the application, supports the test at the customer and provides support. This means that the entire software development process is supervised and supported.

Subject description

A clearer display and the option to preview order documents will be implemented for the order overview and order initiation. Furthermore, new interfaces will be implemented for the logistics order, which will enable the additional loading of transports with further goods and the feedback of completed transports. A check on compliance with agreed action quantities will also be implemented.

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Marcus Rödiger

Retail sector manager

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