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Further development of Factbook

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Further development of the Factbook application. Factbook is used to create and edit time series that contain the group's key figures. The time series form the basis for generating reports that display a variety of facts about the group (e.g. number of employees, turnover) in formatted form. These reports can be generated in various languages.


The technical basis of the Factbook is Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. The web application is implemented with ASP.NET 2.0 and the C# 2.0 programming language. A three-layer architecture is used to structure the object-oriented code. An SQL Server 2005 database is used for data storage. Data access is via a technical user specified for the purpose. The Factbook is operated with the help of the Internet Information Services (IIS) process on two web servers in the web server farm. Load balancing is used to distribute the load. The module's web pages are protected by NTLM authentication. The code for the data access layer and the business objects is generated on the basis of the database by means of a code generator.

Subject description

The Factbook is the central intranet application for key figures, statistics and reports. Time series are created in a separate area within the application; values are assigned to a specific date in these time series. The time series can, in turn, be allocated to time series groups and company-wide or geographical structures (e.g. companies/subsidiaries or countries/states). Multilingual reports can be created on the basis of the time series and published on the intranet on a specific reference date (quarterly figures at the end of the quarter). The Factbook also contains an administrative area for managing users, languages and hierarchical structures.


Project period19.10.2007 - 21.12.2007

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