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Future viability master data system

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

As a central system, the customer's master data application is continuously developed to keep pace with technological advances and meet the ever-changing requirements of the energy market.


The central master data application is a system programmed with Visual Studio and C#-.NET code, whose data basis lies in an SQL database. The further development of the Microsoft environment is carried out by regular updates in the development environment. The automated processes are continuously adapted and further developed according to customer specifications. Examples are: Master data reconciliation, cost calculation, invoicing and posting against SAP, and document creation with reporting services.

Subject description

The following activities are performed to ensure and guarantee the future viability of the master data system by the customer's internal IT department: Coordination of the conversion of the development environment to Visual Studio 2017 to ensure Microsoft security updates, code optimizations to ensure programming capability in the new Visual Studio 2017, optimization and continuation of the automation of the lT processes and handover to the lT department for further support of the specialist departments. Functional adjustments are also taking place in the following processes: Invoicing, document creation, company code release, cost center release and transfer of missing master data to SAP creditors.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.01.2019 - 31.05.2019

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Dr. Andreas Schneider

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