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Generation and search tool for a hazardous materials info CD

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

Generation tool for creating CDs/DVDs with safety data sheets from SAP EH&S, as well as a multilingual GUI for finding and displaying the safety data sheets, which can be started directly from the CD/DVD without any installation.


Using an info file from SAP EH&S, the generation tool orders the PDF safety data sheets into a directory structure, thereby creating optimized data structures for access by the search GUI. The search GUI includes a multilingual input screen for accessing the safety data sheets using various search criteria. Other screen languages are to be added to the search GUI without any extra programming.

Subject description

The safety data sheets are created in various languages on the basis of the hazardous materials data. These data sheets are delivered together with the hazardous materials when they are transported. This requires a multilingual search GUI that filters the safety data sheets generated from SAP EH&S according to specific criteria and displays the data sheets in Acrobat Reader.


Project period01.06.2005 - 30.10.2005

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