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Generative attributive mapping layer

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Design and implementation of an interface for generic creation of user interfaces. These can be generated for various programs that are provided on technically different platforms. The technical basis is formed by accessing managed .NET components on native unmanaged C++ classes by means of wrapper classes.


The technical interface is to be introduced as a replacement to the previous native C++ solution. This contains program parts that are necessary for configuring dialogs and formatting the data, which is supplied by an XML interface. In order to make it possible to implement new requirements without altering the source code, the interface follows a two-stage procedure. This means that all the access parameters needed for dialog configuration are transferred out to an XML configuration file and all the program parts needed for data formatting are implemented in such a way that they can be configured generically.

Subject description

Providing multiple sales and distribution channels that offer the same quality of service requires the availability of sales software that offers multiple, technically different platforms an almost identical set of functions. In order to ensure the maximum degree of flexibility while simultaneously keeping the effort of developing the sales software further to a minimum, an interface is needed for connecting new dialog calls to a centralized location. This interface also forms the basis for enhancing the sales software to involve new sales and distribution channels, which could expand the range of technical platforms, if necessary. Overall, the interface development is aimed at speeding up the implementation of new requirements for the sales software.


Project period01.08.2005 - 15.10.2005

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