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ICIS (Insurance Company Information System) further development

Project duration: 4 years

Brief description

Enhancement of a general information system for insurers (ICIS). The system is continuously adjusted to changing specialist requirements. This includes maintaining and optimizing existing applications and data stocks.


ICIS is based on a client-server architecture. Oracle Web Forms applications access an Oracle database in which the majority of the functional logic is saved as stored procedures. In addition to dialog-controlled processing, various functions are executed as batch runs, due to the large data quantities.

Subject description

ICIS is used by T-Systems (debis) as a data model with applications and runs on various platforms. Each insurance policy adjusts the processes and, possibly, the data model to the requirements of the individual categories (design and implementation or enhancement of existing and new functions). Additionally, ICIS has to be enhanced for interaction with various external systems (e.g. SAP FS-CD, FS-CS, IBM WebSphere MQ Server).


Project period25.06.2007 - 06.07.2011

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