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IHE Connectathon prepare and participate

Project duration: 10 months

Brief description

IHE stands for 'Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise' and thus for the standardization and harmonization of data exchange in the healthcare sector. Once a year, software manufacturers have the opportunity to demonstrate that their software meets IHE standards by participating in the IHE Europe Connectathon. The results of successful IHE tests may be published by software manufacturers as so-called integration statements, and thus prove the interoperability and performance of their products.


A customers server module, which handles the data exchange between connected systems in the healthcare sector, has to be expanded to include interfaces that meet the IHE standard. The server module is implemented with C # DotNet and internally uses a SQL server database. Using Visual Studio and various test tools offered by the organizer of the IHE Connectathon, the interfaces specified by so-called IHE profiles are implemented and verified. The source code is managed with GIT and, like the recording and status tracking of developer activities, is integrated into the Microsoft Azure DevOps platform. After a successful pre-test in advance, a live test takes place at the actual Connectathon event, in which the participating software providers check their interfaces in a bidirectional exchange as producer, consumer, sender or recipient for compliance with specifications and practicality.

Subject description

Interoperability of the systems is of essential importance when exchanging data in the healthcare sector. Since the transmitted data is sensitive and medically relevant information, the software houses need standards that ensure efficient and rule-compliant interoperability. IHE profiles offer precisely this standardization and thus provide both providers and buyers of IT products in the healthcare sector with a basis for formulating and substantiating the integration requirements. In combination with the test requirements of the IHE Connectathon, these profiles are written in such detail that they provide developers with precise implementation guidelines that are also adhered to by other industrial partners. By participating in the Connectathon with his server module, the customer can therefore prove the suitability of his product in the tested IHE profiles and thus enlarge the application scenarios for the product in new projects.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.01.2020 - 06.11.2020

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