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Implementation of the quality representation agreement (QDVS) on a care facility web portal

Brief description

Implementation of a new evaluation system to increase the quality representation within an internet portal for the search for suitable care facilities on the basis of the quality representation agreement for in-patient care (QDVS). This is based on the three pillars: results from quality checks, results from quality indicators and so-called facility information with structural information from the care facilities.


The internet portal was further developed in order to implement the quality display agreement for in-patient care. In order to meet the legal regulations with regard to the new procedure for the representation of the quality of care in in-patient elderly care, the design specifications supplied by an agency were implemented. The development is using ASP.Net with C# based on the .Net 4.7.2 framework. The data required for the redesign of the quality display requires an expansion of the automated data interface. In addition, the standard quality report of the care facility consisting of the three QDVS pillars is imported. The data interface implemented for this is a Windows service. Particular attention is paid to compliance with current web standards (HTML 5, CSS 3) and the consideration of the barrier-free requirements for websites according to the BITV test by BIK.

Subject description

The core of the new quality display is the extensive selection of search criteria in the three areas 'external quality check', 'result indicators' and 'equipment and offers of the facility'. This will guide users when looking for a suitable care facility even better supported by the application. The representation of the individual ratings by symbols shows the user intuitively how the facility stands out from the average (positive or negative). All informations such as evaluations and explanations as well as the structural details of the care facility regarding the equipment and the offers of the care facility can also be found in the redesigned standard quality report document. This is imported from an feeder system through an automated data interface and published on the Internet portal for each facility.


Project periodProjektbeginn10.06.2019

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