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Import and verification of restaurant passes

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

In the course of this project, a program is created to validate and import restaurant checks from various providers and in various formats. The checks have different nominal values and are to be treated as cash. Repayment occurs accordingly by means of a corresponding desk counter. The results of the counter are set in a processing queue for further processing by the back office system.


To smoothly import large amounts of restaurant passes, a file-system-based processing queue is set up, which is queried at the start of the program for all existing passes and regularly queried thereafter for newly incoming passes. Each pass is subjected to tests programmed in C# .Net 2.0. The tests differ depending on a functional type standardization of the contents (pass type). If the validation is successful, the pass contents are loaded into an Access database of the customer as incoming payments and can be examined and processed in the Access front end of this database. Faulty passes are given a technical or functional error status in the database and put into an error queue. From there, they can be manually checked and transferred back into the processing queue.

Subject description

With restaurant passes or meal tickets, e.g., from Germany's market leader Sodexho or from Accor Services, employers give their employees a cashless meal allowance, which is accepted at more than 30,000 redemption locations nationwide. The customer offers a comprehensive and cash and payment processing service, which includes recording restaurant passes in data processing systems by counting and verifying the content of restaurant passes. After the purely mechanical counting and read-out of data of a complete bundle of passes by a counting machine, the data are checked in an automated manner and loaded into the customer's database for processing.


Project period17.07.2006 - 15.08.2006

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