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Incoming post system

Project duration: 11 months

Brief description

In the context of the "incoming post system" document management system, all printed documents received by the customer (e.g. letters, doctor's notes), faxes and e-mails (including attachments) are digitalized, indexed and stored in the database as binary large objects (BLOB). PTA's task is to connect the services to the customer-specific auditing tool.


The incoming post system is based on a solution implemented with Windows services that is distributed across numerous Windows 2003 servers due to the large data volumes. In addition, particular attention is given to an efficient design for the entire workflow. Depending on the medium of receipt, specialized services are used. For example, faxes received on the fax server are stored as TIFFs. All incoming e-mails, on the other hand, are retrieved from the MS Exchange server, evaluated and saved in the database. The scanning application for the incoming print post is used in parallel at various locations. The services are implemented with VB .NET and the functions are enhanced by using additional libraries from third-party providers (e.g. for scanning documents). Due to the strict requirements for stability and performance of the overall application, PTA connected the tools that the customer already has for monitoring performance and managing problems.

Subject description

The large number of documents that arrive each day (up to one million per day) makes it necessary to store the documents in a structured and electronic way. Some documents are already in digital form, whereas others have to be digitalized. These documents can be automatically assigned to business transactions.


Project period01.04.2007 - 15.02.2008

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