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Integrating the microbiology module in a laboratory information system

Brief description

The microbiology module in a laboratory information system is integrated as a module in the entire system during the further development stage. Interfaces are defined and implemented for the shared functions used centrally. The setup and development process is adjusted.


Applications are programmed using XML configuration files for describing the user interface. The functional logic is stored in PL/SQL procedures in an Oracle 9i database. When a screen is accessed, an HTML file is created from XML and the data read via PL/SQL procedures. This HTML file is displayed using a proprietary browser. The user interface logic is mapped with Java Script. Part of the application is multilingual.

Subject description

The core specification when integrating the microbiology module is to keep the development of the module separate from the overall system. The leading system is the central laboratory, so the microbiology module needs to be adjusted to further developments in order to ensure compatibility within the overall system. In parallel to the technical implementation of these specifications, a process for controlling development/versions is created. This process is also to be applied to other modules in the overall system.


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