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Integration of a database in Clarify

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

Within this project, a special customer database is included in the Clarify CRM system. When entering customer data into a Clarify case, a Web service is used to access the database and information on the contract status and the authorizations of the customer are imported. The information relates to the existence of contracts in the different business fields, as well as to the access rights assigned to customers for these business fields.


The technical basis for the integration is the CRM Clarify system. The required online functions and calling of the Web application are implemented using the classic Clarify client (ClearBasic). The server process is implemented based on EJB technology. The classic Clarify client communicates with a stateless session bean to process the functions. In the server process, access to the WebService of the database is implemented, based on a static proxy generated from the existing WSDL file. The session bean also contains the method for writing the activity log in the CRM Clarify system.

Subject description

Based on the information provided, a button is activated in the Case screen or deactivated and provided a specific color code. The color code provides a short indication of the information the user can expect when they call the customer database. The customer advisor can use this button to call the Web application. If contracts are available but the customer has not granted authorization to view their contract data, the customer advisor can get temporary approval to view data from the customer and, provided the customer grants it, can call up the customer database. Every step is flagged in the process in the Clarify activity log.


Project period01.03.2006 - 30.09.2006

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