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Integration of central online quote management portal in decentralized CRM-Client

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

For one of the world's largest insurers, a new online service portal and central quote management is being integrated into the existing (legacy) sales system across Germany so that insurance agents can share certain applications with a specialist in the field for further processing. The specialist can thus provide support for difficult questions regarding the application so that a qualified offer can be created for the customer. The project includes support in business and requirements analysis as well as implementation in the target system.


Close professional and technical coordination takes place across teams to enable integration. The representative calls up the online rate module from the legacy system, processes the application, saves it in the legacy system, and then shares this incomplete application with the specialist in the new central online offer management. The application is given a new status for identification and retrieval in the legacy system. The split applications are further processed by the specialists in the new system and, once completed, are shared back with the representative in the legacy system for eventual policing in the pricing module. The project includes support for business and requirements analysis, IT coordination and implementation in an agile environment, execution of quality assurance (creation and execution of functional tests) as well as adherence to a multi-stage update planning until delivery.

Subject description

The agent is provided with a new context menu entry 'Split proposal/application' in the legacy system for forwarding the incomplete application. If the proposal has been split, only the new central proposal management portal is opened when the proposal is opened, and not the rating module itself as before, because the proposal has now been transferred by the specialist for further processing. In this service portal, the specialist can create several variants for policing and, once completed, shares these with the agent, who takes over the best variant for his customer. In the legacy system, the split applications can be determined in the application list search.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.09.2021 - 15.02.2022

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