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Interface between ConAktiv and SAP

Project duration: 1 year

Brief description

Providing an automatic exchange of data between an administrative system of a subsidiary and the central ERP system via a Java-based interface. The customer thus replaces the prior manual process for transferring data and expands the scope of provided information for downstream processes.


The project comprises the new development of an interface between the ConAktiv ERP system, based on a 4-D database (access by means of a JDBC-ODBC bridge), and the central ERP system SAP R/3 by means of JCO (Java Connector). The software development for the middleware is performed using the following tools: MyEclipse (development in JAVA), 4th Dimension Database (4D Server as database; ODBC driver from 4th Dimension), SAP R/3 Release 4.7, SAP (BAPIs), SAP Netweaver Developer Studio, CVS.

Subject description

The customer has a subsidiary that is active in the field of system certification for the areas of environmental management, quality management, and security and risk management. Data are currently transferred manually from the GLC AHEAD system (customized version of the ConAktiv software product) into the central ERP system SAP R/3 for orders and outgoing invoices. As a result of the implemented interface, the data transfer is comprehensively automated. Comprehensive and accurate information is available to the company's central Financial Accounting and Controlling departments. The subsidiary is more tightly integrated into the controlling processes. The interface technically enables the data flow to be electronically monitored and allows prompt intervention in the event of functional or technical transfer errors.

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