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Interface for warranty and goodwill data

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

Development of an interface for the raw data records for warranty and goodwill cases from a new data source. The data model for the layer from which the analytical applications draw their data is retained so that the evaluations that were available previously remain so, without changes.


The interface provides data for a fixed length of time. Existing records are replaced by a new transfer. Problems in converting character strings with numerical or data fields are logged for each record and fields.

Subject description

The raw data is used for analyzing the quality of model series. The focus here is on identifying newly emerging damage while taking account of the gravity of the damage. Another essential task is to compare this against the data supplied from the original interface. These findings help to identify weak points in interface processing and to optimize the parameters of the data source.


Project period18.08.2010 - 10.12.2010

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