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Introduction of a Salesforce Lightning CRM for the insurance brokerage business

Brief description

A Salesforce CRM is being introduced for an international insurance company using the Lightning interface. The predecessor application, which still uses the Classic User Interface from Salesforce, serves as the basis. The application is used in broker sales management. PTA is responsible for the architecture of the target system, system integration, business analysis, development, deployment and release management. A particular focus is on using Salesforce's standard capabilities and no-code/low-code methods to greatly reduce the technical complexity of the legacy system.


A large part of the data displayed in Salesforce comes from the customer's upstream systems and is displayed in Salesforce with the help of objects, reports and CRM analytics dashboards. The data from the previous systems is automatically transferred to the Salesforce Cloud with the help of the Salesforce Dataloader and processed further there. The development of the features in Salesforce takes place using SFDX in dedicated development environments. The majority of the functionality is implemented using no-code and low-code methods. However, Apex and Lightning Web Components are also used. The complex functional requirements for visibilities and authorisations are solved in the application with on-board Salesforce tools. Testing and acceptance take place in appropriate environments and, together with the deployment and release process, ensure high product quality.

Subject description

The application offers the users of the system – account managers, account supporters and executives – a 360-degree view of the sales partners and process support in portfolio and relationship management. Key figure reporting is a focal point of the application. With the CRM Analytics solution integrated in Salesforce, users can carry out extensive analyses of the insurance business generated by the brokers they support. Users can also maintain a wide range of information relevant to sales. With customised export functions, sales partners can be provided with data for sales meetings. With the help of Outlook integration, tool changes are minimised for users.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.12.2020

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