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Introduction of digital invoicing

Project duration: 1 year, 1 month

Brief description

Connection of a third-party tool for electronic invoice receipt to an SAP ERP system. The tasks include setting up the repository and carrying out the necessary customising for document storage. In addition, the connection of the middleware (SAP PO) is supported and technical tests are carried out at various points in the process.


The third-party tool calls up remote-capable SAP standard function modules via web services. Access is not made directly to the ERP system, but via the middleware (SAP PO). This transfers the requests unchanged to the ERP system. As the third party tool is located outside the company network, a reverse proxy is inserted between the PO and the third party tool. The API platform Postman is used to carry out the technical tests. This allows various scenarios for accessing the ERP system to be realised. These include direct access to the ERP system, indirect access via the middleware and indirect access via the reverse proxy.

Subject description

The software previously used for invoice receipt will be replaced by the solution recommended by the Group for electronic invoice receipt. The new solution is a web-based solution that can be connected to various ERP solutions. In addition, the solution can process not only scanned invoices, but also purely electronic invoices. Posting in the SAP ERP system is fully automated using remote-capable standard function modules.


Project period01.11.2022 - 30.11.2023

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