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Introduction of measuring products

Brief description

More and more smart metering systems are being used in metering point operation. These metering devices are equipped with smart meter gateways that handle communication. Metering products are being introduced to harmonise the various parameter readings between the market partners in the energy sector.


As the metering point operator, the customer is responsible for measuring the energy consumption or energy generation of its customers and, as the supplier, for the supply of energy. According to the specifications of the BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries), the metering point operator must carry out the star-shaped communication of energy data for all market participants (distribution system operator, supplier, transmission system operator and, if applicable, other metering point operators). The introduction of metering products is required by the BDEW for the roles of metering point operator and supplier. The customer's central master data application will be further developed with .NET code and the data will be stored in SQL databases.

Subject description

The core tasks of the project are the technical conception and coordination with the specialist department on the following points, among others: Importance and relevance of metering products for the customer in the market roles of supplier and metering point operator. Introduction of the metering products into the existing metering point operation processes (meter types of the energy meters, OBIS key figure mapping at market location level) and into the existing supplier processes (also at market location level). Checking the necessary ESA (energy service provider of the connection user) market processes for the customer. Coordination of the process changes in the processing of the relevant market formats (e.g. UTILMD, ORDERS, ORDRSP, PRICAT, MSCONS, IFTSTA). Preparation of the BDEW implementation scenario for metering time definitions. Evaluation of the relevant decision tree diagrams for the market formats and definition of the implementation sequence, taking into account the customer processes.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.08.2022

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