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Introduction of Oracle Applications

Project duration: 1 year, 2 months

Brief description

Replacement of a host-supported ERP system by Oracle Applications (OAP). The task is focused on transferring the data for the inventory stocks, together with their valuation, for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products from legacy systems to cost accounting. A separate Access application is used to coordinate in greater detail the transfer from the source system to the OAP system.


The transfer of raw materials and semi-finished products takes its values from the old inventory system. In the old system, stocks are also counted for parts/production stages for which no stock is managed in OAP. In order to maintain the value of the stock of these parts, the bill of materials is exploded into components that are managed in stock. The lowest value for each of these components is determined in order to carry out a weighted distribution of the added value from the production process. Any residual value is added to the component with the highest value in order to retain the full inventory value in the transfer.


Project period19.01.2004 - 01.04.2005

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