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Introduction of process management

Brief description

The customer is planning the company-wide introduction of process management in order to record and optimise processes. The project will be based on Signavio's Business Transformation Suite, which is already in house. The PTA provides support in a coaching model. The focus is on the set-up of the process management, the training of the BPMN 2.0 notation, the methodological support in Signavio and the quality assurance of created processes.


Due to the many years of work with Signavio and the methodical process management experience, PTA supports the project. Starting with the strategic aspects and goals, a concept and a roadmap are created. As a proof of concept, PTA sets up a sample process in workshops and shapes the customer-specific attributes at process and work step level together with the customer. Based on this, a multi-client security concept for Signavio, a convention manual and target group-specific process manual templates are created. Together, the glossary is conceptualised, categorised and the various terms are linked. Based on these basics, internal designers are trained for the documentation of processes.

Subject description

The client has national and international branches with inconsistent processes. In order to increase efficiency, these are to be harmonised and then the degree of digitalisation is to be increased through automation. The transparency created should better position the client for current challenges such as process breaks and knowledge transfer.

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