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Inventor bonus system

Project duration: 5 years, 4 months

Brief description

The inventor bonus system is used to process all the (pharmaceutical and diagnostics) customer's bonuses for Germany, in line with German patent law.


Settlement runs with letter creation run as batch jobs. A settlement interface is implemented to SAP HR. This contains an appointment book with various resubmission options. Multiple evaluation options for statistical purposes and options for providing information to inventors or patent lawyers in the patenting process. Scope: approx. 50 forms, 20 reports, 40 modules.

Subject description

The application system includes: inventor management with an interface from SAP HR; management of inventions grouped together into bonus cases and rules; management of article/article group turnover with a variety of settlement and compensation variants, such as compensation according to turnover scales, authentication fees, one-off bonuses, part payments or advances, risk deductions, inheritance management, etc. The system is continuously maintained and developed further to match current requirements.


Project period01.09.2000 - 31.12.2005

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