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IT system for managing radioactive preparations

Brief description

As part of the customer's IT strategy, important IT systems based on MS Access that are required over a longer period of time are to be converted to modern technologies. The existing Access application for managing radioactive preparations is to be replaced by a modern intranet solution based on .Net 6 with MS SQL Server as data storage. As part of a preliminary concept, the current requirements for the application were defined together with the users with the aim of offering modern approaches in the area of visualisation and operation in accordance with customer requirements and optimally supporting the technical processes in addition to technological modernisation.


The application is designed as an ASP.Net 6 web application with a model-view-controller structure. The JavaScript component AgGrid is used to display the preparations and tests listed in the table. Based on the previous conception of the application, the work carried out includes all activities relating to the developmental realisation of the application, regular coordination with the specialist department to clarify detailed questions and to support the users during testing, right through to the handover to future operation. The collaboration between the specialist department and PTA is handled via a joint board in the Azure DevOps server of IT.

Subject description

The new software solution for managing radioactive preparations and documenting leak tests and completeness checks carried out replaces one of the larger Access applications still in use and puts it on a technologically modern footing. The technological modernisation in connection with the optimisation of mapped technical processes offers long-term investment security and increased efficiency. The new application offers a more extensive area for master data maintenance of centralised information with the aim of simplifying its maintenance and thus improving data up-to-dateness and data consistency.

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