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Laboratory information system (LIS) internationalization

Project duration: 2 years, 2 months

Brief description

Internationalization (language versions) of the LIS laboratory information system to make it possible to implement the LIS in various languages without major effort. First, an English version is created to provide the opportunity to expand the application for other languages in the future without adjusting programs.


Zulu forms the technological basis of LIS here. Applications are programmed using XML configuration files for describing the user interface. The functional logic is stored in PL/SQL procedures in an Oracle 10g database. When a screen is accessed, ZULU creates an HTML file from XML and the data read via PL/SQL procedures. This HTML file is displayed using a proprietary browser. The user interface logic is mapped with Java Script.

Subject description

To operate in the global marketplace, it is necessary to expand the laboratory information system that is currently only available in the German language and to structure it for multiple languages. The aim is to first create an English version and adapt the software to enable the implementation of further languages without major effort.


Project period17.01.2005 - 30.03.2007

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