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Laboratory module

Project duration: 10 months

Brief description

In this project a module for a medical practice software is developed, which provides the functions that are necessary for cooperation between doctor's practice and laboratory. Some of these functions involve the exchange of data between doctor's practice and laboratory. The doctor's practice conveys inspection orders and receives inspection results from the laboratory. The data format in which this data exchange takes place is standardized by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) and is called LDT.


The Practice Management System (PMS) is based on a three-layer, service-oriented architecture consisting of a Win Forms-based rich client, a light-weight application server based on the http.sys core driver, and an SQL 2005 database server. Web services based on WSE 3.0 are used to enable communication between the client and the application server. The application server uses stored procedures to communicate with the database. The client and the server have a plug-in architecture. The application consists of a framework application and a series of modules that exist as assemblies (DLL) and are loaded to the application during runtime. A server and a client module are developed for the laboratory management. An import interface based on the KBV standard LDT (a subset of the xDT data format) is implemented within the client module. Components from the producer Infragistics are used in the creation of the GUI.

Subject description

For its members, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) has regulated the data exchange between doctors and health insurance companies with a standardized data format for settlement data (ADT). On the basis of ADT, further data formats will later be specified for exchanging information between stakeholders in the health system. One of these formats is LDT (laboratory data medium). The format defines the structure of so-called data packages, records, and fields and specifies formats for the fields and validation rules for the contents.


Project period01.01.2008 - 03.11.2008

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