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Landscape Split

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

Division of an SAP three-system landscape used by several companies and grown over more than two decades into two independent SAP three-system landscapes. The original SAP landscape retains its previous focus, use as an HR system. After the landscape split, the FI/CO and SD/MM components will be operated in the new landscape. Once a parallel three-system landscape has been set up, the actual functional separation takes place by limiting the processes to the original task of each system, restricting the group of users, and cleansing the data.


In the preparation phase of the landscape split, a new three-system landscape is built next to the existing three-system landscape. The new landscape is set up as a copy of the existing one. This serves to test the basic functionalities, prepare for the interface connection and integration into the corporate landscape. In addition, the project must be driven forward organizationally, i.e., for example, all interfaces must be determined, all users and participants must be identified, the project schedule must be planned, and the go-live must be prepared. In a further phase, the new development system and the new quality system are updated by means of system copies. After a test phase of about three weeks, the cutover for the productive system also follows via system copy. During the cutover, the functional FI/CO/SD/MM jobs are rescheduled and descheduled in the source system and rescheduled again in the target system. Users are to be locked/unlocked in the respective systems according to their tasks.

Subject description

The division of the landscape into two separate landscapes not only simplifies maintenance, but also facilitates independent further development and expansion of the systems. With regard to maintenance, the cycles for importing support packages are shortened in the HR system. It is also easier to coordinate the planning of system copies, the updating of systems, and the associated testing activities. In addition, further functional expansion of components and company codes will be easier in the new landscape and the system can be better prepared for the S4/Hana conversion. There are also advantages to be gained from the system split with regard to the special need to protect personal data in the HR system.


Project periodProjektzeitraum01.09.2021 - 31.03.2022

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