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Launching new "Visual Planning Board"

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

The visual planning board replaces a planning board developed internally in R/3 for scheduling service technicians. A graphical interface with drag&drop functions, continuously scalable display and similar user-friendly features is to be provided. The planning board has integrated map functions for route planning.


The planning board is specifically designed to connect SAP R/3 to the alternative, up-to-date use of a planning board. Java is the development language for the server/middleware (Apache TomCat used). Data is not retained separately (lean solution) and there is no customizing outside SAP. Caller/listener components are used to exchange data in real-time.

Subject description

The deployment of technicians at customer sites for various types of work with very different durations and predictability (installation, maintenance, repairs, etc.) is carried out by centralized planners with extensive knowledge of the technicians' skills and the customer and machinery in the field. As a result, a tool with a lot of graphical information that can be operated intuitively is required. The tool must also provide real-time information from SAP based on feedback from technicians but must not create any overhead from customizing and synchronizing the various datasets.


Project period01.04.2005 - 16.05.2005

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