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Maintenance and further development of a running application (Host-Legacy, PL/1, C)

Brief description

Service team to maintain and further develop an application in construction financing in operation for more than 20 years (Host, PL/1, C).


The project involves the support and further development of a legacy application running on the mainframe by a team of developers. This support requires a wide range of programming experience and expert knowledge and includes the implementation of requested adjustments and enhancements, the processing of related requests as well as monitoring and troubleshooting of regularly running processes. Depending on the complexity, specialized developers (e.g. for C or JCL) are called in from the backend.

Subject description

In this mainframe application, business processes related to construction financing, real estate mortgage administration and amortization management are mapped. Such processes can be business transactions, general-purpose modules or batch programs, whereby the latter usually represent regularly running processing that must be monitored and corrected in the event of errors. The application itself consists of a large number of programs or modules in PL/1, C and JCL, a hierarchical and a relational database for data management as well as various additional components for the control and use of the application by the department or by the employees.

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