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Maintenance of a laboratory middleware

Project duration: 2 years, 1 month

Brief description

The software has its focus on laboratory workflows, with a rule engine and a comprehensive communication module. PTA supports the manufacturer in eliminating identified weaknesses and in implementing improved or newly added functions. Activities in the areas of analysis, implementation and validation are carried out. The agile development process is managed largely autonomously.


The software is based on an object database from a well-known manufacturer, which also covers the area of web and application servers. The user interface is implemented as a single-page application for various browsers, as are several additional tools that were created on the basis of a well-known Javascript framework. PTA supports the development through activities ranging from analysis, estimation, requirements specification, re-enactment of errors, implementation including automated tests, to any manual unit tests and integration tests.

Subject description

The software serves as the central control unit for the laboratory workflow, but also enables areas such as sample acquisition or technical and medical validation, organised with role-based access. Important technical areas such as clinical chemistry including haematology or PCR, or microbiology or blood banks are supported. For quality control, rules according to Westgard and/or the Average of Normals (monitoring of laboratory measuring stations by tracking the inconspicuous patient readings) can be included.

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