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Maintenance of documentation of chronic illnesses

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

Development of a module for maintaining electronically stored documentation of chronic illnesses, complying with the standards of the German registered doctors authority. The module includes creation, editing and summarising the data for upload to the authority, and is integrated into a standard software used in doctor's surgeries and hospitals.


The standard software is based on a three-layer architecture consisting of a WinForms client, an application server based on the http.sys core driver and an SQL 2005 database server. Web services based on WSE 3.0 are used to enable communication between the client and the application server. The application consists of a framework application and a series of modules that exist as assemblies (DLL) and are loaded to the application during runtime. A server and a client module are developed for the documentation of diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease. These modules cover the full required functionality. An import and export interface is provided based on HL7-compliant XML documents in accordance with Clinical Document Architecture (CDA). Development is performed in C# based on the .NET 2.0 framework.

Subject description

DMP (Disease Management Program) is a standardized procedure from the German Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians used to document the flow of chronic diseases (currently diabetes mellitus, coronary heart diseases, chronic obstructive lung disease, asthma). This procedure was previously performed in paper format. Since 07.01.08, it has also been possible to submit the documentation in electronic format. The KBV provides very precise procedures for implementing the relevant module.


Project period01.04.2008 - 06.05.2008

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