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Maintenance of sales information system

Project duration: 16 years

Brief description

An in-house CRM solution was developed for supporting the sales personnel. An iterative and agile approach is taken here, on order to be able to immediately incorporate requirements and to implement them with a high level of quality thanks to early feed-back.


The CRM system is implemented on the basis Lotus Domino.

Subject description

The existing system is expanded to include interfaces to adjoining systems with information about any project experience on hand. Evaluation and export options are provided as well as a connection to the user's personal calendar. Moreover, the internal system structures are consolidated such that a standardization of the working procedures among various sales employees can be achieved. In addition, a mapping of the company groups of the customers viewed in the CRM also takes place.


Project period01.01.1998 - 31.12.2013

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Joachim Schütter

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