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Management of vendors

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

Replacement of the existing application based on MVS Cobol, CICS, via redevelopment based on SAP NetWeaver. The application is used to manage delivery rights of the relevant grower. Delivery rights can be transferred or allocated for use.


The basis for this is a self-created framework that uses hibernate, iScreen, AspectWerkz, and spring components (free ORM tool or framework). The developments are operated on a component-specific basis in SAP Developer Studio (development components, software components). SAP Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) is used for the lifecycle management.

Subject description

Management of delivery rights is based on the corresponding grower (partner). The rights are divided into different categories and reflect the full grower's account. Within the application, the rights can be redefined between two partners so that the owner relationships and therefore the account status are changed. Delivery rights can also be allocated for use without changing the account status.


Project period01.11.2007 - 31.05.2008

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