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Market communication cancellation and accrual

Brief description

For market communication in the electricity market, the customer as metering point operator is responsible for the collection and star distribution of data. Depending on the requirements of the market participants, these are delimited or, if necessary, cancelled.


The customer-internal master data application, the metering data recording system, the energy data information system and the interfaces between the applications and the control system (MaKo service) form the basis for the market communication of energy quantities, load profile data and meter readings in the energy market. Adaptations are necessary to these systems so that the accrual and reversal processes are mapped correctly. The adjustments to the individual software are made with .Net code and SQL databases.

Subject description

The tasks regarding the accrual and cancellation processes include the following requirements: Completion of the existing concepts (master data application and MaKo service) and documentation for market communication 2020, conceptual design of the cancellation processes for meter readings and energy quantities, mapping of the accrual processes taking into account the market formats and customer-internal processes, interface implementation between master data application, MaKo service and metering data system, cooperation in the implementation of the conceptual design after consultation and approval by the specialist department, support during tests and the partial go-live. After completion, handover to the customer's internal IT department.

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