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Market formats 2021

Brief description

The Federal Association for Energy and Hydropower specifies that decision trees must be run through when processing market messages, which lead to different results. As a metering point operator, the customer must process and respond to the messages in accordance with the market.


The central master data application is responsible for processing the customer's own Biztalk and prepared market messages in various formats (including UTILMD, ORDERS, IFTSTA, ORDRSP, INSRPT, MSCONS). These are checked according to the specifications of the BDEW by means of decision trees, which are provided depending on the application case, and are answered electronically with predefined response codes depending on the check result. The further development of the customer's own software is carried out with .Net code and SQL databases.

Subject description

In the course of the project, adjustments to the concept for the development of the decision tree diagrams are necessary. In addition, regular status meetings are held to coordinate the progress of the project with the internal IT and business departments. Furthermore, a concept/code review is carried out for the mapping of the decision tree diagrams. Concept proposals are made for adapting the systems, taking into account the existing processes in the customer's own systems, and support is offered for testing and successive go-live. This is followed by a handover to the customer's internal IT department for further support in day-to-day business and user training.


Project periodProjektbeginn04.01.2021

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