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Migrating an Electron application to the Azure Cloud

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

In the context of an individual software developed for the customer, the operation of the software in the cloud is analyzed and implemented. The existing application is cut for migration into a client/server application and deployed as separate services in the Azure Cloud.


To ensure the operation of the application in the cloud, the modules of the existing application must be separated and prepared for deployment in the cloud. For this purpose, a frontend, which was implemented using Angular, and a backend, which is based on the Express Framework, are derived from the existing Electron-based application. Subsequently, the app services are configured in the Azure Cloud and CICD pipelines are set up for a deployment of the two services. For operation in the cloud, an integration of the customer's Active Directory is also implemented to ensure a uniform concept for authentication and authorization.

Subject description

The migration to the cloud should enable faster development cycles. Due to the current distribution of the software, which is handled by the customer's software center, release cycles of several weeks are not sustainable for a new development of a custom software. Operating in the cloud allows the PTA to have small-step release cycles without long lead times, as well as direct insight into the application's systems to ensure support during operation.


Project period01.07.2023 - 13.08.2023

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