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Migrating Microsoft Access to Microsoft .NET

Project duration: 1 year, 6 months

Brief description

Migrating two location-specific Access applications to .NET applications. In order to expand into additional locations, an n-tier architecture is to be used that allows a location selection, if required. Authorization management for the new applications across all layers shall be controlled exclusively via the Active Directory of the Windows Server 2003.


The clients used in the locations access web services via HTTPS. The web services are installed on an IIS. The IIS is located in a fast LAN to which the database server is also linked. When a web service is called, the user's authorization to run the web service is checked on the IIS. The user's identify is also used when accessing the database; the server must be prepared for the double hop. When data is changed, only changed or new records are transferred. The reply to these calls updates the correct data to the client. Errors that occur in the servers are logged centrally using a web service. The transaction across multiple change-accesses to the database is processed by means of MS Distributed Transaction Services (MSDTC). Evaluations are realized using MS SQL server reporting services.

Subject description

The applications to be migrated are located in the administrative area. The pilot applications are used to more efficiently prepare external personnel registration in the entrance office. The pilot applications are also used for data processing-supported creation of request forms for an SAP workflow. The pilot applications' accesses to the personnel master data are mapped in a separate web service. The functionally specific tasks are realized in separate web services.


Project period01.07.2007 - 31.12.2008

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