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Migration of a connectivity platform from OpenShift to Kubernetes

Project duration: 9 months

Brief description

An existing application for the central connection of external and internal partner applications is migrated from an Openshift to a pure Kubernetes platform in AWS EKS. PTA's task is to adapt configuration files as well as build and deployment scripts to the new runtime environment.


After the target environment has been made available for the new Kubernetes runtime environment, the secrets are first transferred by exporting them from the previous environment as yml files. After import into Kubernetes, the next step is to adapt the configuration and build scripts in yml format. The deployment scripts are integrated into newly defined pipelines in Jenkins. The monitoring of the application is ensured via Prometheus and Grafana. The output of the log information can be viewed via Dynatrace.

Subject description

The application serves as a central entry point for more than 50 external and customer-internal applications. Communication with the partner applications is based on SOAP and SAML2. The respective connections can be configured flexibly at runtime. The application takes over the tasks of user authentication, data collection for transmission to the external service and SSO to the external application.


Project period04.10.2022 - 30.06.2023

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