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Migration of a core banking system

Project duration: 9 months

Brief description

The core banking system agree21 replaces the Sopra industry software used to date. The PTA is responsible for creating the concepts for the run down of Sopra and a test concept for the verification of agree21 regarding the correct migration of the data and the necessary functionality. After the conceptual activities, PTA takes care of managing the implementation of the activities to be performed for the deactivation. Within the scope of the test activities, PTA takes over the task of test management and the required parameterization of the test management system Aqua (Fiducia).


The Rundown concept essentially comprises the consideration of the data to be archived. A particular focus of the Rundown concept is the audit-proof archive migration of data from the previously used Sopra system. The parameterization of Aqua is automated on the basis of test case catalogs created in MS Excel via VBA macros.

Subject description

The core banking system is used to map the bank's processes from the area of deposit products. Core components of the application are a platform that enables online banking for the bank's customers and a platform for the execution of bank-specific processes by internal employees.


Project periodProjektzeitraum18.01.2021 - 31.10.2021

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